Review Policy


Welcome to my blog. If you have a book you'd like reviewed, I will be happy to do it. Just contact me at throwingbooks[at]gmail[dot]com.

I try to make my reviews the more truthful and helpful possible. When I'm looking for a review, I'm not looking for the long one or the one which has more sophisticated words… I'm looking for an interesting review which tells me with easy words how good is the book, and if they recommend it or not and why. That is what I'm trying to do with my blog… I also try to keep everything interesting, colorful, and enjoyable. 

  • I accept published books, ARCs, galleys, and e-books for Kindle.

  • I read the books in two or three weeks after received (Depending on how many books I have for review). I immediately post a review. 

  • I publish my reviews on my blog (Throwing Books), Goodreads, Librarything and Amazon.

  • My reviews are not all the same. Some of them can be larger, and others can be shorter.  (You can see them on my blog, Goodreads) I only write what I think about the book, the characters, what I saw, and If I recommend it or not.  

  • All reviews are based on my own opinions and no one else.  

  • Series: I don't review books (2nd, 3rd… etc) without reading the first one. If you want me to review them, I gladly do it if you provide the missing books. 

Genres I review:

  • Young Adult (Fantasy YA, Sci-fi YA, everything YA)
  • Fantasy,
  • Paranormal, 
  • Romance, 
  • Historical Fiction, 
  • Mysteries/Suspense/Thriller.

Genres I do not review:

  • Religious,
  • Non-fiction,
  • Horror,
  • Self Help Books.

My Ratings:


Thank you!